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I have always had an interest in photography but during the years of bringing up a family and running our furnishing business there were limited opportunities to pursue this as a serious hobby.


With more time now available I have the opportunity  of combining my love of nature and the countryside with, perhaps, some inner artistic flair that can be put to good use through the camera lens.

I started by photographing wildlife and flowers – inspired by the Cotswold based photographer Barney Wilczack who made me realise that you had to get down to ground level to achieve the best results when photographing plants and insects!

I have had the opportunity of taking wildlife photos in many different locations including workshops organised by Peter Hitchman of 'Going Digital' and on birding walks with the Sussex Wildlife Trust

In the past 5 years I have developed a great  interest in landscape photography - having been inspired by the work of one of the UK's most renowned landscape photographers – Mark Banks - with whom I have been fortunate to spend time with on several workshops.


Patrick Smith
Spittal Beach, Northumberland - Abstract Photography

I find this a really satisfying genre as it combines different elements of creativity, combined with technical knowledge, to create an image that you feel captures the scene in front of you.

Each image is a moment in time which can never be repeated – the light – the movement – the season - all within an ever-changing landscape

Photography can be quite an individual pastime with many trips undertaken in your own company. It has therefore been very rewarding to be a member of the Royal Photographic Society [RPS] which offers advice, group courses and distinction awards.

In 2023 I was delighted to receive the Licentiate Distinction Award [LRPS] from the Royal Photographic Society for a submission of my photographs.

My photographic skills have certainly been helped by the advice received on workshops organised by several professional photographers – including Justin Minns, Nigel Wilson and Alex Hare.

Thanks to you all for your guidance & patience!

You never stop learning so my photographs are very much a work in progress. Putting these images together on the website has brought back many memories of the beautiful and varied places I have been fortunate enough to visit.

- I hope you will enjoy looking through these images too..

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